Enjoy a basic outline of my research while I learn html to make it more fancy! All of my papers can be found at NASA ADS here.


MOPSS - Magellan Optical Planetary Spectrum Survey - A survey of a dozen transiting exoplanets using the Magellan Telescopes at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. To date, two papers have been published in this survey.
May et al. (2018): MOPSS I: WASP-52b and WASP-4b
May et al. (2020): MOPSS II: HATS-8b

Spitzer Phase Curves - I am currently working on data analysis from a large Spitzer Phase curve program. Phase curves allow us to study the heat transport and day/nightside planetary emission.
May & Stevenson (2020): Updated Spitzer 4.5 micron systematic removal method, reanalysis of WASP-43b
May & Komacek et al. (2021) (Accepted to AJ): Phase Curves and 3D models of WASP-76b
In prep: A bunch of other phase curves!


3D General Circulation Models (GCMs) - 3D models allow us to study how a variety of external and internal conditions affect the climate (temperature, winds, etc.) of a planet, and map those ot observational predictions.
May & Rauscher (2016): 3D GCMs and 1D Energy Balance Models to study the climate of circumbinary exoplanets (orbiting two stars).
May & Rauscher (2020): The effects of a surface on observable properties of super-Earths through mini-Neptunes
May, Taylor, Komacek et al. (2021): Variability of ice clouds and impacts on multi-epoch observations of TRAPPIST-1e