Outreach Events and Activities

Thanks to the pandemic - many of my recent outreach events are available to watch on Youtube!

If you're interested in having me speak at your events, please send me an email! I have experience speaking with elementary through adults and have hands on activities for in-person events with elementary kids.

Hands-on Activities 

Science Communication Fellow
2017- 2019
University of Michigan
Museum of Natural History

I have a hands-on activity geared towards elementary aged students that lets them "observe" exoplanets. They learn how we figure out how big planets are and what they're atmospheres are made of using flashlights and shadows. 

For the first part of the activity there are different sized styrofoam planets which shows them how larger planets block out more light from their stars. For the second part of the activity they use styrofoam planets with different materials around them to mimic different atmospheres and see how they all create different shadows. For the older students I have print outs that they can use to identify what material "atmosphere" or combination of "atmospheres" made the shadow. I also bring coloring pages for the younger kids.

Virtual Activities 

Appropriate for high school level students or advanced middle schoolers, I have a set of introductory level slides and bite-sized activities related to exoplanets that I use for outreach series. These are geared towards giving students bite-sized hands-on problems to solve and are perfect for science olympiad or summer science programs. These bite-sized activities are spread throughout an ~hour long set of slides and relate to various topics in exoplanets to help them conceptualize how we find planets and how we learn about them.

Astronomy on Tap 

Astronomy on Tap - BATON ROUGE
December 2021
JW Space Telescope

Astronomy on Tap - SAINT LOUIS
December 2021
JW Space Telescope

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Astronomy on Tap - LANSING
May 2021
Habitability and Biosignatures

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Other Outreach Events 

Maryland STEM Festival
December 2021
JW Space Telescope

(Hybrid Event)