Erin M. May    

Twitter Summaries of Papers I've been Involved With: (in roughly reverse publication order)

May et al. (2022) - A New Analysis of 8 Spitzer Phase Curves and Hot Jupiter Population Trends: QATAR-1b, QATAR-2b, WASP-52b, WASP-43b, and WASP-140b
Alderson et al. (2022) - A comprehensive analysis of WASP-17b's transmission spectrum from space-based observations
Lustig-Yaeger et al. (2022) - Hierarchical Bayesian Atmospheric Retrieval Modeling for Population Studies of Exoplanet Atmospheres: A Case Study on the Habitable Zone
Savel et al. (2021) - No Umbrella Needed: Confronting the Hypothesis of Iron Rain on WASP-76b with Post-processed General Circulation Models
Fu et al. (2021) - The Hubble PanCET program: Transit and Eclipse Spectroscopy of the Hot Jupiter WASP-74b
Lustig-Yaeger et al. (2021) -  Retrieving Exoplanet Atmospheres using Planetary Infrared Excess: Prospects for the Nightside of WASP-43b and other Hot Jupiters
Sotzen et al. (2021) - On the Utility of Transmission Color Analysis I: Differentiating Super-Earths and Sub-Neptunes
May & Komacek et al. (2021) - Spitzer Phase-curve Observations and Circulation Models of the Inflated Ultrahot Jupiter WASP-76b
Mayorga et al. (2021) - Transmission Spectroscopy of the Earth-Sun System to Inform the Search for Extrasolar Life
Mayorga et al. (2021) -Variable Irradiation on 1D Cloudless Eccentric Atmospheres
May, Taylor, Komacek et al. (2021) - Water Ice Cloud Variability and Multi-epoch Transmission Spectra of TRAPPIST-1e
Mayorga et al. (2021) - Detection of Rotational Variability in Floofy Objects at Optical Wavelengths (April 1st 2021)
May & Stevenson (2020) -  Introducing a New Spitzer Master BLISS Map to Remove the Instrument Systematic Phase-curve-parameter Degeneracy...
May & Rauscher (2020) - From Super-Earths to Mini-Neptunes: Implications of a Surface on Atmospheric Circulation
May et al. (2020) - MOPSS II: Extreme Optical Scattering Slope for the Inflated Super-Neptune HATS-8b